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Pick up all the accessories you need for a great game of pool.

A great pool table is hard to enjoy without the right pool table accessories. Fortunately, at Carolina Pool Tables Plus, we are already your source for fine pool tables, and we enhance our selection with all the accessories you could ever want.

Pool Table Accessories in Charlotte, North Carolina

Our pool table accessories include the following and more:

  • Pool cues—We offer everything from simple, one-piece house sticks to the most intricately designed, custom, two-piece personal cue sticks. We also proudly represent an extensive selection of Guerrieri pool and Viking cues designed to satisfy even the most discriminating buyers and budgets. On top of these options, we offer all major brands of pool cues available today. 
  • Pool stick accessories—We have all the pool stick accessories to get your cues ready for a game, including tip sanders, gloves, and more.
  • Pool table racks—We carry pool table racks in all shapes and sizes. We are sure to have the right rack you’re looking for!
  • Pool table room décor—Make your pool room one-of-a-kind with our selection of pool room décor options. We also offer furniture pieces, including bar stools, pub and bistro chairs, spectator chairs, and more.
  • Pool table lights–If you can’t see your pool table very well, you’re probably not going to make that tough corner shot! With pool table lights, you’ll be able to see clearly and improve your game. Plus, lights will make your pool table really stand out and look great in the room. 
  • Pool table accessory kits— If you want to get all you need in one package, you can get a bundle of different accessories with a pool table accessory kit. We have a variety of options available, so just check with us to find out how to get exactly what you want.

Visit one of our showroom locations in Charlotte, North Carolina or Columbia, South Carolina today to peruse our selection of pool table accessories and make your selection. Our professionals are always happy to provide advice and guidance, so do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with your selection!

Pool Table Accessories in Columbia, SC


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