These Unique Game Tables are Just as Fun as the Rest

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These Unique Game Tables are Just as Fun as the Rest

It’s perfectly normal to get used to the same old routine, but it’s okay to switch things up sometimes. We all need a distraction from the occasional pool, billiard, or foosball tables. Luckily, several other unique game tables are sure to liven up your leisure time.

So, add some spice to your gaming routine by checking out our top picks of other unique game tables that are just as entertaining as the rest.

  • Poker tables. These game tables are excellent for practicing your poker face. They come in several designs and styles; some can even double up as dining tables. Regardless, they are great for improving your card-playing skills.
  • Shuffleboard tables. Shuffleboard is an exciting classic game that was played as far back as the 15th One table is narrow enough to fit in your game room or any other room you wish. Shuffleboard tables also have a smooth finish, making them excellent aesthetic additions to any space.
  • Ping-pong tables. Ping-pong tables work in any home. They are available for outdoor and indoor use. There are ping-pong tops made to sit on top of the pool table if you don’t have room for both. Ping pong also offers you an option for a low-impact sport that sharpens your reflexes and agility. Plus, the sound of a ping pong ball bouncing on a table or slamming a paddle can make you want to join in a game.
  • Air hockey tables. If you’d like a more intensive alternative to ping-pong tables, then air hockey tables are for you. These game tables help you get active and burn some calories.

Here at Carolina Pool Tables Plus, we offer a vast selection of unique game tables guaranteed to reinvent your home gaming experience. To learn more about the best game table for your family, give us a call today.