What To Expect in A Complete Billiard Table Set

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What To Expect in A Complete Billiard Table SetA good game of billiards relies on three components: skill, strategy, and a touch of luck. But in order to enjoy this classic game to its fullest, you’ll also need the right equipment.

In that case, what should a complete billiard table set have?

  • A billiard table, of course. A billiard table is the centerpiece of any billiards setup. Most tables are about 10 feet long by 5 feet wide. Also, don’t be surprised that your billiard table has no pockets because that would make it a pool table.
  • Billiard balls. A billiard table set is never complete without these three musketeers/balls. They are slightly bigger and heavier than pool balls and are solid, meaning they don’t have any stripes like some pool balls. You should expect one white cue ball, one yellow cue ball, and one red object ball.
  • Billiard cues. You’ll also need billiard cues to strike the balls with. And considering how boring a solo game can be, a billiard table set should ideally come with two cues.
  • Chalk. If you want to chalk up some wins, you’ll need some chalk. It’s typically applied at the tip of the cues to enhance their grip and control of the billiard balls.
  • Triangle. Unsurprisingly, a triangle is a triangular-shaped frame used to hold the billiard balls before a game starts.