What’s the Best Shape for Poker Tables?

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When assembling the ultimate poker parlor, the centerpiece is always crucial – the poker table itself. But with so many poker table shapes available, which one gives you the winning edge?

What’s the Best Shape for Poker Tables?

Let’s look at how some of these shapes affect the game dynamics on poker night.

  • Circular poker tables are a classic choice in smaller game rooms, offering equal seating space for each player. But the curved sides usually limit the number of players to six or eight. Nevertheless, having fewer opponents means the game can get more competitive, allowing you to put on your best poker face.
  • Oval poker tables, on the other hand, are better suited to the dimensions of a rectangular game room. Their elongated shape can easily accommodate nine or ten players. However, with more players comes more game-night chaos. There’ll be much less privacy, and dealing cards to those at the farthest ends may prove tricky.
  • Octagonal poker tables allow you to seat eight players, which is probably the ideal number for lively gameplay. Their straight sides make dealing easier than on oval tables, and this shape supports a tournament-style setup with more privacy than circular or oval options. Nevertheless, one thing to look out for might be the glaring gaps left behind when there’s an odd number of players.

As you might have already guessed, besides shape, there are other factors to consider when choosing poker tables. The number of players, available space in your room, and privacy needs of each poker player should also factor into your decision. And we can help!

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