When Are Pool Table Re-Covers Necessary?

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Every detail matters when playing pool, right down to the texture of the pool table cover. Scratched or bumpy pool covers can affect your shot and ruin your game. Pool table re-covers help players save their gameplay by giving their pool tables a much needed facelift.

When Are Pool Table Re-Covers Necessary?

Here are a few times where it’s necessary for pool table owners to look into pool table re-covers:

  • There is visible damage. Some pool table damages aren’t as big of a deal as others, but if there is visible damage to the felt, such as scratches or rips, you’ll want to have your table re-covered. These scratches can negatively affect your gameplay. You don’t want a pool tournament with your friends to get ruined by a damaged pool cover, so be sure to look into recovering your table if you have any damage.
  • You want a new style. If you’ve recently decided to change your décor for your pool table room, you probably want to make sure your pool table matches the aesthetic of the rest of the room. Simply swapping out your table cover for a different colored one can breathe new life into your table and tie the whole room’s décor together.
  • Your gameplay has been affected. It’s possible for your pool table cover to be damaged without more noticeable signs of damage. However, more subtle damage can be noticed by affected gameplay. If your shots are bumpier or balls aren’t rolling as well, you may need a new pool table cover.

One of the pool related services we offer at Carolina Pool Tables Plus is pool table re-covers, so if you need a new cover for your table, don’t hesitate to give us a call.