Why Slate Pool Tables are Popular

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Why Slate Pool Tables are PopularOriginally, pool tables were made from wood. However, wood has a tendency to warp in humid conditions, so there was a need to find a better material. There was a breakthrough in 1826 when John Thurston made the first slate pool table. Since then, the popularity of slate pool tables has increased for these reasons:

  • Not prone to deformation. Non-slate beds, such as those made of wood and composite materials are more prone to warp due to weather conditions. For example, if exposed to excessively high or low temperatures, they tend to deform quickly. Slate, on the other hand, can withstand changing weather and last for decades.
  • Consistent shots. When playing pool, consistency is key. Wooden and composite playing surfaces are more likely to disfigure with time, leading to inconsistencies. Perfecting your shots on such surfaces is quite difficult because you’ll not be able to control the movement of pool balls as easily. Slate is a durable material that stays level and smooth regardless of environmental conditions.
  • Clean look. Slate pool tables maintain a new look for a long time. This is due to the fact that slate is resistant to dents and scratches. Wooden and composite pool tables are susceptible to staining, moisture, and bumps, so they don’t look aesthetically pleasing when damaged. Slate pool tables complement your interior décor for years because they maintain an elegant look.

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