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We can offer tons of suggestions on different pool table games to try.

Did you know you don’t have to play traditional pool on your pool table? In fact, there are many types of pool table games you can play that are just as much fun as competitive pool. So, gather up a group of friends and try a new pool table game the next time you gather around your pool table.

Pool Table Games, Charlotte, NC

At Carolina Pool Tables Plus, we are all about pool and different pool table games, and there are several games we recommend trying when you purchase your new table at either our Charlotte, North Carolina or Columbia, South Carolina location, including:

  • One pocket—Every player is assigned one corner pocket. Whoever can get eight balls first in their pocket wins the game!
  • Eight ball—If you are an avid pool player, you’ve definitely heard of eight ball. Each player is either assigned the striped balls or the solid balls. Whoever pockets all the balls assigned to them first, followed by the eight ball, takes the prize. Note that accidentally pocketing the eight ball before pocketing all designated balls results in an automatic loss of the game.
  • Bank pool—A less well-known pool table game, bank pool involves having each player bank the object ball off the cushion to get it into a pocket. Whoever pockets eight balls in this manner first wins the game.