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We offer pool table re-covers that can restore your table to look as good as new.

When you have a pool table at your Charlotte, North Carolina home or business, you can attest to the enjoyment that this brings to your family or customers. A pool table is an endless source of entertainment, allowing those who use it to let their competitive side come out as they engage in a fun, friendly game. Over time, the felt on top of your pool table can get worn out, leaving you with a couple of options. The first is to replace the table, although this is the most expensive choice you can make when you have worn or ripped felt. The second, more cost-effective option is to have the table re-covered. At Carolina Pool Tables Plus, we offer pool table re-covers that can restore your table to look as good as new.

Pool Table Re-Covers in Charlotte, North Carolina

Since the smooth top of the table is essential to play the game correctly, you won’t really be able to use your pool table if it’s ripped or worn, as the damaged sections will cause the balls to get stuck or go in different directions. We want to help you take advantage of your table, rather than leaving it untouched because it’s no longer working properly due to the damage. Our team members will speak to you over the phone to get the details and come up with a plan to re-cover it.

When you trust us for pool table re-covers, you can feel confident that we’ll use high-quality materials that will keep your table in excellent condition. In addition to providing pool table re-covers, we have everything you might need to get the most out of your pool table. Contact us today to learn more!