Make The Perfect Shot By Choosing The Right Pool Table Cues

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The perfect shot requires much more than skill and technique when playing pool. It also requires the right tools, including suitable pool cues. The right cue can be the difference between a game-winning shot and a frustrating miss.

Make The Perfect Shot By Choosing The Right Pool Table Cues

If you want to dominate the pool table like a pro, here’s our professional guide to choosing the perfect pool table cues.

  • Make sure it is straight. Warped pool table cues usually deflect the cue ball off-center when you strike it. This can lead to inaccurate shots. One way to ensure your cue shaft is perfectly straight is to roll it across the width of the pool table playing surface. If it wobbles, then it’s not worth your money.
  • Check the weight. Using pool table cues that feel comfortable in your hands is always important. Please note that different players favor different weights, so you want to get the cue that feels best for you.
  • Check the height. If you’re below average height, you should go for shorter cues as they’ll be more comfortable to use and hold. Also, short cues may be necessary when maneuverability is an issue, like when your table is in a small, enclosed room.
  • Check the grip. Some pool table cues have wraps that affect their grip. The grippiest wrap material is rubber, suitable for people with sweaty palms. If you have rough hands, you might want to go for an Irish linen wrap; it has the least grip.

Getting your own cue stick is a sure way to perfect your shot-taking skills. Here at Carolina Pool Tables Plus, we provide a selection of pool table cues, so you’re sure to find the right one for you. Give us a call today.