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Choose the best in pool with slate pool tables.

For many people, pool tables are for playing the occasional game of pool or maybe just even for looks in a recreational room. For the serious pool player, you want to take a little more care and consideration when it comes to choosing your table. Serious players, experts and even a novice pool player will be able to tell you that when it comes to consistency, quality of play, and smoothness of the shots, slate pool tables can’t be beat!

Slate Pool Tables in Charlotte, North Carolina

Slate is a natural material that naturally forms hard, flat surfaces that are perfect for the surface of a slate pool table. Because slate can be honed and polished so that it is perfectly flat and level, it is an ideal surface for a game where the smallest of flaws can throw off the entire game. Additionally, because slate billiard tables need to be built sturdy and strong in order to support the immense weight of the stone, they are generally stronger, more durable and longer-lasting. This makes slate pool tables often better quality overall.

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While there are other, less heavy and less expensive options for slate billiard tables, most any other surface is subject to warping, imperfections, bends, dips or other issues which might be slight, but will show a difference to the serious pool player. If you are looking at slate pool tables for your Charlotte, North Carolina area property, be sure to check us out here at Carolina Pool Tables Plus where you’ll find slate billiard tables and everything else you need to play a great game.