Shuffleboards: A Beginner’s Guide

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Shuffleboards: A Beginner’s GuideShuffleboard games date all the way back to 1532, and the original game was played with large coins. Some may consider shuffleboards to be a game for your grandma and grandpa, but recent trends have shuffleboards in bars, at major events, and in the homes of many Americans across the nation. If you are new to shuffleboards, check out the article below for a beginner’s guide to learn more.

  • Where to play? Shuffleboards can be played either on the ground or on a shuffleboard table.   The ground version of this game is very popular on the decks of cruise ships. For your home game room, you’ll want to invest in a shuffleboard table.
  • How to play? Each player has a puck that they will push down the shuffleboard, attempting to knock off and/or outdistance their opponents puck. Each player plays with four pucks of the same color.  Whichever puck makes it furthest down the table or the designated area without going out of bounds is the winner.
  • What supplies are needed? To play shuffleboard, you will need a shuffleboard and eight pucks.
  • How many people are needed? Shuffleboard can be a two-person or four-person game.  One of the biggest draws to shuffleboard is that it is a low intensity sport, so anyone from a child to the elderly can enjoy this exciting game.

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