The Best Occasions to Purchase Pool Tables

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While there really isn’t a wrong time to purchase a new pool table for your home or as a gift for a loved one, there are some times when the thought can cross your mind and make it an exceptional occasion to do so. Here are some of the best occasions to consider purchasing pool tables. If none of these is soon enough for you, however, don’t think you need to wait!

new pool table for your home

  • Father’s Day: It can be challenging coming up with something besides the things you’ve been doing for years – neck ties, t-shirts, baseball caps, etc. If your dad loves playing pool, you are going to be touted as Dad’s favorite child if you get him his own pool table. Pool tables come in plenty of styles, so it will be fun to shop. Consider it gift for yourself, as well, as the hours you’ll spend playing pool with your father will be treasured memories.
  • Christmas: Looking for a gift for someone who has nearly everything can be a challenge. Pool tables are often one of those things someone wants but never seems to get around to purchasing for themselves. It is also a great time to buy one for yourself, so that when you have family joining you for the holidays, you’ll have something fun to do together.
  • Home Renovation or Décor Change: Often a home renovation can create the added space you need to be fit a pool table, so go for it!
  • Prepare for Pool Championships: Get in more practice time than ever by saving the trip to the pool hall and practicing at home on your new pool table. If you have a few friends who don’t compete but love to watch the championship games, consider adding a game room complete with pool tables so you can have the best place to gather.
  • Setting Up Game Night: It is becoming more popular for friends to get together at each other’s homes rather than meeting up at area restaurants, bars, and other places. Your home will be the preferred gathering spot when your friends learn they can play pool there.

If you would like to learn more about pool tables because of these occasions or something else, don’t hesitate to contact us at Carolina Pool Tables Plus. We have a great selection and can get you set up and ready for some great fun at home with family and friends or to get you ready for the next championship game. Stop by and see us today to view our wide selection of pool tables.