The History of Air Hockey Tables

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When we think about the various types of tables used for game playing, such as poker tables, billiards tables, air hockey tables, and shuffleboards, most of us think they have been around for a very long time. Some most definitely have, such as poker from the early 19th century and a form of billiards during the 15th century. Others, such as air hockey tables, are more recent concepts. Let’s dive in a bit deeper to learn about the origins of air hockey.

The History of Air Hockey Tables

It might surprise you to learn that air hockey came about by putting two passions together. Employees at Brunswick Billiards had the brilliant thought of joining their love of hockey with the already popular billiard table sport. These three gentlemen, Phil Crossman, Brad Baldwin, and Bob Kenrick, are credited with developing the concept of air hockey tables in 1969.

It didn’t take long for air hockey to take off. In fact, the first tournament was played just four years later in 1973. As is the case with most innovations, air hockey tables have undergone several upgrades over the years to become the fun table game that they are today. One of the attractions is that it doesn’t take years of practice to just have fun, so kids can get right to it immediately.

Air hockey tables make a great addition to a family’s recreation room and, of course, so do pool tables and other table games. If you would like to investigate which to introduce to your family, reach out to us at Carolina Pool Tables Plus. We have years of experience and are happy to share our knowledge to help you select the right table game for your family’s enjoyment.