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Our snooker tables are the perfect way to prepare yourself to enter one of the popular snooker tournaments held across the country each year.

Across the country there is a trend that you might not yet have heard of – snooker. Before you “snicker” at the name snooker, you should know that there are already several tournaments held each year, including the National Snooker Championship. You’d be hard-pressed to find a pool hall in the Columbia, South Carolina area with several snooker tables available, but you can get one for your home here at Carolina Pool Tables Plus.

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Snooker is similar to regular pool in that it involves a cue and balls, but the similarity ends there. The game is played with 21 balls that are just 2.7 inches across, which is quite a bit smaller than traditional pool balls. Snooker tables are different, as well, in that they are larger in total size, lower in height, and have smaller pockets. You will need more space to have a snooker table in your home, as those sold in the U.S. are typically 10’ x 5’, although that is smaller than those usually found in Europe that are 12’ x 6’.

Snooker Tables in Columbia, South Carolina

Since snooker tables are longer than standard pool tables that come in 7’, 8’, and 9’ lengths, you’ll need a specialized cue to play. A snooker cue is needed which is one of the many accessories that we have to offer to complete your pool room.

If you want to perfect your snooker skills before snooker goes mainstream, now is the time to act by coming to see us at one of our two showrooms. Our staff will be happy to show you the quality snooker tables we offer and discuss our flexible payment options.

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