3 Pool Table Games to Explore

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Here at Carolina Pool Tables Plus, we want to give everyone the opportunity to fall in love with the game of pool. When most people think of pool, they think of the standard, 6-pocket version, without realizing that there are a number of other fun pool table games that can be played with the same equipment. Whether you’re a pool novice or an old pro, our team thinks that you’ll get a kick out of these three pool variations:

fun pool table games that can be played with the same equipment

  1. One Pocket- One of the many pool table games you might encounter is One Pocket. In this variant, one player chooses one of the corner pockets, and the second player gets the pocket on the opposite corner. The goal is to score 8 object balls in your target pocket before your opponent. Players can target any object ball, and any ball sunk on a legal shot counts as a point.
  2. 7-Ball- Another popular pool variant that we see here at Carolina Pool Tables Plus is 7-Ball. In this pool table game, balls 1-7 are racked in a hexagon formation, with the 7 in the center. Following the break, your opponent chooses one rail and its three pockets, and you get the other side. Then, you try to sink the lowest ball in order into any of your target pockets. Except for these variations, all the rules of 9-ball apply.
  3. Bowliards- The last of the pool table games we’ll be going over here is Bowliards. Just like it sounds, this game follows the rules and scoring of 10-pin bowling but uses pool or billiards balls to play. Start each frame by breaking, spotting any balls that are pocketed or scratched. Then try to hit as many balls as possible in any order, calling your shots. When you miss or scratch, you begin your second inning. As will bowling, getting all 10 balls in the first inning is a strike, and getting all 10 by the end of the second is a spare. Each ball is worth 1 point, and there is a total of 10 frames. The player with the most points at the end of 10 frames is the winner.

We at Carolina Pool Tables Plus hope that this article has broadened your horizons when it comes to pool table games. If you’d like to know more, just give us a call.