Pool Cues: How to Select the Best One for You

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Excelling in just about any sport is a combination of training and having the right equipment. The same is true if you are looking to play pool. Whether you are just getting started, are ready to enter competitions, or have been competing for years, choosing the best pool cues is important. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you might recall how each wizard took great care in choosing their magic wand, and the wand took part in accepting the wizard, as well. Thankfully, choosing a pool cue isn’t nearly as mysterious. With a few tips to help, you should find the one that you connect with for the best performance on the pool table.

one-piece cue is more prone to warping than a two-piece

The first step is setting your budget. If you are just getting started and have no plans to compete, you may want to keep your budget lower than you would if you were looking for pool cues for competition. If you do plan to compete eventually, start with the best you can afford so you learn using the pool cue you’ll eventually compete with.

The next step is deciding between a one-piece and a two-piece cue. Typically, people use a one-piece at home and a two-piece when traveling. Of course, you can go with one of each so you’re ready for anything. It is important to note that a one-piece cue is more prone to warping than a two-piece, and if one component of a two-piece does warp or get damaged, you only have to replace that half.

The length of the cue is your next consideration. Standard one-piece pool cues are 57 inches, and two-piece pool cues are 58 inches in length. If you are taller than 6’ 5”, you should consider one that is 61” in length. If you are shorter or purchasing for a child, you may find a 48” or 52” pool cue to work the best.

The rest of the decision is based on how the pool cue feels when you use it. You should always test it out on a pool table before purchasing. Your goal is to find the least vibration that is within your price range. You also want to look down the length to be sure it is perfectly straight. Pool cues come in different weights ranging from 17 to 21 ounces, with most people choosing one in the middle range. Be sure to also check the wrap to see which one feels the best in your hand. The final step is choosing the tip that fits you best. There are soft, medium, and hard tips.

If you would like more information about pool cues and assistance in selecting the right one for you, come see us at Carolina Pool Tables Plus. We offer exceptional customer service and a wide selection of pool cues and other pool accessories so you can perfect your pool skills.