What to Consider When Looking at Pool Cues

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The wrong pool cues can cause you to miss shots and throw off your game no matter how perfect your technique is, so when it comes time for buying new pool cues, you’ll want to make sure you look at all of the factors that make for the right cue for you.

What to Consider When Looking at Pool Cues

Here are a few of the most important considerations to make when buying new pool cues:

  • Material. Depending on your experience level and amount of time you spend playing pool, you may want pool cues made from a certain material. Beginning players should probably go with wood, graphite, or fiberglass pool cues, but more experienced players may prefer options such as aluminum, plastic, or something else.
  • Length. The right length of your pool cue will depend on your height. The taller you are, particularly if you’re taller than 6’5”, you’ll probably be more comfortable with a longer cue. If you’re on the shorter end, you’ll likely prefer a shorter cue.
  • Weight. The weight of your pool cue can influence your shot, so more seasoned pool players typically like to have different cues depending on what kind of shot they’re taking. If you’re just starting out with pool, you’ll probably want a lighter cue as opposed to a heavier one.

If you’re having trouble finding the right pool cues for your game, give us a call at Carolina Pool Tables Plus. We have experience helping people find the perfect pool accessories they need, so reach out today for all of your pool accessory needs.